Monday, 10 December 2012

All Change

Today I'm going to try something new. I found some new inspiration since my latest article was published on Elizabeth Harrin blog "A girls guide to project management" I have been totally inspired to start blogging more. The truth is I love it.

I love the power of expression that writing gives. I love the conversation that comes from publishing a new article. Its an amazing feeling one that hopefully into 2013 if I get my way.

I love writing and I also love sharing. There are so many articles out there on the net that if your not plugged into twitter constantly then your likely to miss out.

I plan to share and do some style of weekly round up. Share what I find interesting in news relating to the project management industry.

Most importantly I see as my duty to do this. Not because I want to gain further coverage. I'm just sick of noting down and address or article to read later on and forever forgetting.

This way I can list down on my blog the article that shouldn't be missed.

That doesn't mean I am going to be sitting on twitter all day because quite frankly I don't have the time however good you are at project management.

This is where I am going to need help.

If you see an article on the web and you think its worth a share. Send me an email to and send me a link.

If I agree with you I will share it as part of my weekly roundup.

I am aiming for a post once a week but I have been contacted by many people asking if I would be blogging more often in 2013.

As I have said I plan to make more time available but I also like to reach out to new audiences so this will mean that I'm likely be posting elsewhere on the net but not to panic I will always let you know when there is a new post.

The other thing I plan to do on this blog is publish more pictures. There isn't enough in our industry and often many of the blogs are dull and plain along with the perception of project managers the world over. Its time to stand up and be counted.

If I though project management was all about being dull I would never of gone into the industry. Over the years I have developed such a love for the subject I just want to share it with as many people as possible.


Maria x

P.s. my new blog post :-)